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April 19, 2010

Steam – on a mac… natively

Finally…well, almost finally Steam is coming to the mac along with a few of my favourite PC games. Counter-Strike Source, and Left 4 Dead 1 & 2.  I was a fan of the Counter Strike series since 1999 and Left 4 Dead 1, if I recall, I purchased on release date on the 360…..a very long time after it was first announced, or so it seemed.

I’ve been using a mac since 2007 and I let my 360 Gold live subscription expire some time ago and therefore didnt play L4D2 for quite some time.  After getting my new macbook decided to give crossover a go.  The game, to my suprise, worked perfectly.  It still even has a Bronze rating, basically mean it works, but use caution.

Anyways, now the games are now coded for the mac. (maybe still being coded?  I still have not seen a screenshot from anyone excepted into the beta). I was going to post a link to the steam beta signup as well, but since earlier today, the signup has been closed.  Heres hoping I’m accepted.

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