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Sorry Apple…but I’m unimpressed

This week was the release of the iOS4 & the new iPhone 4, both of which seem to have issues.  Let’s start with the most obvious issue.

iPhone 4 stock

This is not the first product release by Apple, nor is it even the first in the series.  Somehow Apple have seriously underestimated the demand.  I am unable to get an the iPhone 4 from 3 (I was very early to register interest) until W/C 19th July.

iPhone 3G – iOS4 bluetooth

This one has annoyed me quite a bit.  The morning after my upgrade, I get into my car and my iPhone sync’s like normal…except it doesn’t.  The phone will work through my hands-free, but the bluetooth audio doesn’t.  At first I thought fine, I will just re-pair the device.  I do and it works.

On the way home from work, I get into my car and the same happens again, the iPhone seems to have forgotten what its doing.  This seems to be a somewhat common issue.  Really hoping for an update in the VERY near future.

iPhone 3G – iOS4 missing backgrounds

This is another “stupid” thing I feel.  I can understand leaving off the multi-tasking from the 3G due to the CPU requirements, however a background image?????  I don’t actually care about this 1, its just something for me to moan about.

iPhone 3G – iOS4 missing 5x digital zoom

Yet another stupid thing.

iPhone 4 signal loss

Seriously, just what the hell. Lots of videos on this.  With the sale of these “bumpers” I get the feeling Apple were already aware of this issue and rather than solving the problem, decided to try and make money from it.  This really needs to be addressed, but all that is now going to do is increase the delay for anyone else who has pre-ordered and sitting in a queue.

I don’t want any of these DIY fixes, me paying money for your mistake or BS responses I’ve been hearing so far.

I’m definitely waiting to get one of these, at least I didn’t get the chance to waste my money on day 1.

P.S.  I don’t want anyone to think I’m an Apple hater.  I own many Apple devices.  This simply is not what I expect.


Some of the 3 website “breaking” due to the iPhone

As has happened already this year, the iPhone 4 is breaking websites.  Three have not managed to escape this.

An SMS & E-mail was sent out recently to several/all? of the “register interest” folk which has in turn caused a lot of traffic to the main 3 website.  3 have done a very good job of separating parts of their site so a lot still works without problem.

O2 & Orange have dedicated websites, on different domains just to handle the iPhone, this should mean they have kept downtime to a minimum.  O2 have also announced no online ordering until at least the end of July.


iPhone 4 is coming soon to 3

Finally, 3 is managing to get the iPhone.  After a number of years of waiting, three are finally allowing you to register interest in the iPhone 4G.  Of course, no mention of phone cost, monthly cost, release date probably the 24th June, allowed minutes, text or internet, but still, its a good sign.

I currently have my iPhone 3G on three, officially unlocked and moved from O2 when the contract had expired over 1 year ago.  This has made my morning 🙂


New iPhone 4G Announced

Most of us knew this was coming, along with lots of rumoured features, discovered from a couple of “misplaced” iPhones in recent months, but the iPhone 4G has been announced.

Hardware based new features include;

  • Video calling
  • Higher screen resolution
  • HD video recording
  • 5MP camera, with an LED flash

Annoyingly this does feature the micro-sim card slot, so its going to be a hassle getting this on some “unofficial” networks.  Just checked on the 3 UK website, they are actually offering micro-sims for the iPad, so there is a chance there, just got to hope for an unlocked 4G on release, or shortly after, without the stupid price tag.

There are a number of Software based features, some, possibly?, to be exclusive to newer models;

  • FaceTime (Video calling)
  • Multi-tasking
  • Accessibility options
  • iMovie (Video editing, for some extra month)
  • Encryption

Pre-ordering for the UK starts 15th June, to be released on the 24th.  It looks as though O2 have maintained the timed exclusivity,  as neither Vodafone or Orange have updated their site to reflect the upcoming pre-order.  Vodafone & Orange have now added pre-register interest for pre-order, as well as news that T-mobile & 3UK have joined in, lets hope for some MUCH better pricing this year.