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Call of Duty – Black Ops

The game arrived today (release day), after me ordering it yesterday…kinda forgot about it.  Demand can’t have been that high, or just overstock I don’t know.  Can’t really say if I am impressed or not. It’s just another call of duty with the obligatory extras that keep the game “fresh”.

Played through a few levels of the Single Player.  Glitch on the 1st level at about the half-way point, ended up with my 2 team mates on a roof. As a result, I can’t progress…yay.  Restart, this time it was fine, but after seeing that I kinda couldn’t really be bothered any more.

After a couple of levels, decided to call that quits and go to play zombies.  Zombie Nazis from World at War are back.  A lot of fun.

Maybe more of the normal online will be a bit more entertaining, only time will tell – and the hope I don’t leave the game gathering dust.


Call of Duty: Black Ops – Multiplayer teaser

Today, I saw a new teaser trailer for the next Call of Duty game, Black Ops.

Heres a link

Similar gameplay to the previous games of course, along with some new additions.  I saw a crossbow with exploding darts as well as what seemed to be an exploding remote controlled car.  There also seemed to be some sort of knife..that was detachable??

Seems like the footage was all from the Xbox, lets hope there is an equally good PS3 version.

Cant wait.


COD MW2 – Resurgence Pack – Out Now

Another map pack is now out.  Again on the slightly pricey side, but its not that bad.

5 additional maps.  3 new, 2 from Call of Duty 4;

New maps – Carnival, Fuel & Trailer Park
Updated maps – Vacant & Strike

The PS3 download for all 7 different versions (depending on the number of the box spine) comes in at a fairly reasonable 346mb.  Thankfully I have my new 2.5″ drive to put into my PS3 as soon as I can be bothered to backup my current data.

Not much to say on these yet as I haven’t played them first hand, only seen videos, might post an update in the near future if I can get some playing time in.