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May 5, 2010

Sony don’t want to take my money :(

It’s disappointing that it seems sony’s PlayStation 3 store can’t handle the demand of this weeks store updates.  Here I am trying to buy the MW2 Stimulus package and being presented with an unhelpful “An error has occurred (80023103)”.

I, maybe, almost grabbed a free code thanks to GameTrailers on twitter/Facebook.  The codes seem to have gone in under 5 seconds, I even plugged in a keyboard, never mind.

Lets hope this problem gets sorted soon, I really want to spend money on things that seem a little over-priced (old packs were £7.99, new is £10.99), and knowing my luck will decide I don’t want to use.

Update: After closing on 3 hours of trying, its downloading, although there are 7 versions to choose from, each different depending on your Disc ID.

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