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May 19, 2010

Steam Mac Store – What’s New “Cross-platform multiplayer”

Valve are updating the Mac store.  This weeks feature “cross-platform multiplayer” (Quake 3 cough cough)

So, what’s released so far.  I’m going to say its difficult to call, because there are 2 defiantly new titles, yet the number of games listed has gone down “Games 61 … Single-player Games 64” and somehow there are more single-player games than there are games…..

Either way the 3 I’m sure are new are;

Things for valve to do, add the date on which Mac (Steam’s Mac) was released & ordering by it, fixing a rather annoying bug which seems to have logged me out of the store and community sections…on multiple occasions and the crash that occurred while writing this sentence.

I would also like a demo of Killing Floor.

Update: The number of games has now increased to 89 games, 91 single player games, but I only saw 76 when actually viewing the site.  It seems like they are just making up numbers now.

Update 2: It also seems like they are now ordering the items, so most recent Mac releases appear at the top of the list.

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