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Counter-Strike: Source – Now on Mac

It seems the Steam store is having problems at the moment, frequently showing 0 games available on the Mac and not showing anything under New Releases & Top Sellers, this doesn’t however change the fact that Counter-Strike: Source is now available.

It’s a fairly large download, much more than I expected, over 1.5gb, as I would have expected several shared resources with other Source based games.

This seems like a fairly big title so at the moment I am not expecting anything more on the store, even though this doesn’t appear under the homepage of the Mac section yet either.


Counter-Strike: Source – Next week on Mac

Valve have today made a new post stating no updates this week due to E3, along with a trailer for portal 2.  Not only that, it seems as though Counter-Strike: Source will be making its way onto the mac next week.

All good news, however I must say I am somewhat surprised be the news of Counter-Strike.  This seems to very quietly made its way here, is this also to be closely followed by Day of Defeat: Source in the near future as well I wonder.


E3 – Filled with wow…

This years E3 really does seem to be the best to date. Lots of stuff all round, much more than I am even going to mention in this post.  These are just the things that are my personal favourites.


  • 3D gaming with a demo of the upcoming exclusive, Killzone 3, expected February 2011.
  • Move (even though I feel it is a bit gimmicky)
  • LittleBigPlanet 2
  • PlayStation Plus
  • Portal 2, properly done for the PS3 & the trailer looks to have much more physics details


  • Kinect – previously Natal.  Lots on this as well, including some titles.
  • Gears of War 3
  • 360 Slim, built-in wifi & disc-scratching technology


  • 3DS – 3D gaming without glasses
  • The return of many classic nintendo characters

A wide range of games (non console exclusive) were also there

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Sonic
  • Dead Space 2
  • F.E.A.R 3
  • Medal of Honor
  • Quantum Theory
  • Crysis 2
  • Silent Hill 8

I think, in time, I might add a bit more on some of these individually along with screenshots etc.


This weeks Steam disappointment.

Only 1 indie release this week, with a very low price at that. Fortix.

Can you reclaim your ancestors’ land? Evil forces have taken over the once fertile land of Fortiana. You are the only one who can storm the castles and claw it back from the hordes of dragons. Experience a new type of strategy and arcade game. Fence off parts of the battlefield to corner your enemies. Collect catapults and power-ups to besiege the fortresses and take on dragons. But beware! As you progress through the levels it gets harder and harder. The fortresses become much larger and the monsters more vicious. Can you emerge victorious and reclaim the land of your ancestors? You are knight Fortix, the sole hope for the desolate and tortured land of Fortiana to become the fertile land that it was before.

Another game I am unlikely to get.  Really hoping Valve will be making another late release of titles this week, this one was a bit of a joke really.

Maybe due to E3?


What’s happened to Team Fortress 2?

TF2 really has changed quite a lot since I last played the game seriously.  Must be towards the end of 2007.

Now when I come back I find there are new game modes, new maps (that was expected), hundreds of achievements (nearly 350?) and the ability to change the load-out…with stuff that seem like they are thrown around completely at random.  I am in no way saying the changes are a bad thing and actually find the new game mode, pushing bombs around a map, quite fun and a great addition to the game…it’s just odd that the weapons which previously have been limited, are now not.  Some of the weapons I have come across make some things easier for certain games and others harder, so the choice of what you use really does depend on how good or bad you are with the original weapon.

One thing I do hate and has been quite noticeable is the free weekend.  Considering its been 3 years since I have played the game, and almost as long since I have done any serious Keyboard + Mouse based gaming, I find it rather odd to be located often in the top few spots on the scoreboard.  Hopefully that will correct itself shortly and I will need to “work” my way up.


Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!

Well, that’s it for steam updates, Team Fortress 2 and Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble.  I’m really not sure this game is for me but its got an OK metacritic score, so I might make the effort to do some research into it.

Little bit disappointing there wasn’t a bit more, seeing as there were no releases last week, never mind.


Steam things are happening

Team Fortress 2 just randomly appeared in my games list along with an update for Half-Life 2, Episode 2.  TF2 install can’t progress yet, servers busy…lies, but the game is now marked as “Download starting” and the filesize of 5,716.3MB is there.  There have yet to be any updates to the store itself, expecting that in a few.

It is however getting late, I have other things to do, so the rest of the blogging will have to wait until tomorrow morning.


Team Fortress 2 for Mac?

Well, the updates are again, later than usual, but its very possible team fortress 2 will be in todays list of games.

Big things are happening RIGHT NOW at Valve. Things involving cultivated tree-fruit. BIG things. Things that rhyme with “grapple.” Things that rhyme with “Speem Gortress zmavailable on the Babac.”

There are also 3rd party developer games due, not sure what at this stage, I don’t even recall seeing any rumour posts across the several websites I view, so just need to wait and see.


Steam Updates 9th June will be 10th June

As everyone knows there were no updates for the steam store last week.  This week however, we are expecting things a bit later than usual, to be released on Thursday 10th June, apparently due to the WWDC during which the iPhone was announced.  The graphic on the store, added two weeks ago, which stated there would be releases every wednesday for the next few weeks has been removed.  Probably due to the fact that the first 2 weeks of “every wednesday” didn’t actually have anything.  Never mind, things happen, all of which I am all too aware.

There was one release on monday though, Jolly Rover, which from the trailer,  unfortunately looks less than interesting and with a £14.99 price tag, is unlikely going to get me to try it.  If this game is ever at 50% off, then maybe I’ll try, or even a free weekend.


Steam Updates….are late.

Well…later than usual. It seems so far there have been no updates to the steam store, not much we can do but wait.  Not sure if waiting means good or bad things.  Killing Floor was completed less than 1 hour before its release I think I saw.

While I’m waiting, I will be playing Killing Floor with the guys who got my Guest Passes. Thanks Valve or Tripwire, not sure which party was the one who decided to give out the passes with a purchase.